Alyeska Resort Extends Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month Through February

Looking a little dreary up top, but fear not - LSSM continues through February at Alyeska Resort!

It’s Sunday morning, and we are not upon the slopes of Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. We are, instead, watching dark and gloomy rain clouds threaten the remaining patches of ice and snow on our lawn, and drawing straws to see who’ll pick up the dog poop.

Alaska’s weather has been nothing short of wacky these past several weeks, with high temperatures hovering near 50F in Anchorage and heavy precipitation coming in the form of not white stuff, but drippy wet stuff. It has also caused a fair bit of angst on the part of winter recreation enthusiasts; dog mushers, Nordic skiers, and of course, the alpine badasses who are missing chances to schuss the top half of Mount Alyeska.

How easily we digress.

We were at Alyeska, two weeks ago, in fact, so AK Kid could take part in the first of three ski lesson specials courtesy of Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, a national effort to expand the horizons of would-be skiers and snowboarders of any age. One lesson hooked him, and we were hoping to make two more a reality. Until winter weather went, er, south. Literally.

But, happily, this morning’s batch of email media releases brought hope in the form of Alyeska Resort’s offer to extend the LSSM offer of $99/three lessons until the end of February. That’s right, now through February 28, those wanting to take advantage of three lessons for under $100 can do so. Kids should be five to learn to ski, eight to snowboard, and the student should be a beginner. The fee includes three, two-hour lessons, rentals, and a lower mountain lift pass. Nice? You bet it’s nice.

Whew. We’re saved.

Not sure the experience is right for your youngster? Read our post about Lesson #1, and we’ll be seeing you at the Daylodge, toot-sweet, next weekend!

AK Kid and his patient instructor wait for other students during Lesson #1 at Alyeska Resort.


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