Alyeska Resort and Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month: Nice!

With a 10:30 a.m. lesson to kick off Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, AK Kid was a little reticent to climb out of bed and motivate on a dark Saturday morning. Questions streamed from his still-groggy mouth, however, as evidence of the real reason for his sluggery. Would he know anybody? Would he look silly? What if he fell?

It’s been a while since my nine-year-old clicked into alpine skis, so yesterday’s no-option lesson was more than AKontheGO promoting LSSM for Alyeska Resort; it was an effort on my part to instill some enthusiasm in a not-so-enthusiastic ‘tween. I get it – learning a new skill at nine when most of your buddies started long ago is tough, especially with the uber-competitive nature of AK Kid. But as the following photo essay will show, things turned out pretty well.

It was a great day, with great people, and best of all, I have a great new ski buddy. Kudos, Alyeska. You have a good thing going.


Helpful Mountain Learning Center staff got us all rigged and ready for a series of three lessons. They don't even have to be consecutive; just taken within the month of January, 2014.


Yes! Friends from school!


Classes at Alyeska are created according to ability and age, which made AK Kid feel much better about his 'beginner' status.


Tackling the first run to check ability and confidence levels.


Chairlift success! Lessons during LSSM are 2 hours, and a lot can be accomplished with new skiers and riders!


All smiles after the lesson while riding up the lift with mom.


Selfie on the Gummy Worm run. "Best day, ever."

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