Alpha Aviation Soars to Denali

Anchorage-based Alpha Aviation, LLC has long been a name to trust when it comes to helicopter flying around the 49th state. As you begin planning for 2019, read about the company’s newest offerings that appease a traveling family wanting a completely different Alaska outdoor experience. 

AK Kid checks out the scenery on top of the nunatak, home of Sheldon Mountain House. Erin Kirlkand/AKontheGO

In Alaska, helicopters are often perceived as the aviation vehicles for rescues or other urgent situations. Get there, and get there fast; in all kinds of weather. We neophytes are intrigued by them, but don’t know too much about them. Combine that with what many perceive as a cost-prohibitive experience,  and most Alaska traveling families are likely to count them out for sightseeing or transportation to our adventures. 

But — and I really believe this — sometimes the intrinsic value of a big Alaska experience makes a higher pricepoint worthwhile, especially if one is only in the state a short time and is intent on checking off the list of “MUST do this” experiences. 

Alpha Aviation is locally-owned and operated, and that makes a big difference to me. Flying Alaska is a different sort of animal from other places around the world, and as a former nervous flyer, I like to know a pilot’s experience ducking over and around Alaska’s signature landscape (and weather). 

The company is offering several opportunities for visitors to enjoy the best of flight seeing coupled with a healthy dose of outdoor recreation, much of it centered around the community of Talkeetna and the icy slopes of Denali. 

Heli-Hike Picnic Adventure guests walk from the landing site to the historic Sheldon Mountain House. Sheldon Chalet is in the background. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

How about this? 

  • Denali Helicopter Adventure Picnic, including a one-hour flightseeing trip around the nooks and crannies of Denali, and one hour savoring the atmosphere of the Sheldon Mountain House, a historic engineering marvel high above Ruth Glacier. Starts at $695/pp 
  • Half-Day Heli-Biking Adventure (guided), with help from North Shore Cyclery. Flights to the remote biking terrain last about 20 minutes; from there, bikers navigate some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere on the planet. Total time: five hours. $469/pp. 
  • Ridgeline Hiking Adventures (guided). Not a biker? This trip can be switched up for hiking instead of pedaling. Enjoy a 45-minute flight and about 30 minutes of rideline hiking. $588/pp

Enjoying a sunny day upon the nunatak, upon Sheldon Mountain House is built. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

What should you know? 

  • Departing from Talkeetna will be easier on the wallet, and you’ll get to enjoy this quirky little town. 
  • Prices are per person, which in flying lingo also means per seat; and regardless of age, kids need their own seat. Contact Alpha Aviation for details. 
  • Dress for the conditions on the mountain (or wherever your intended destination is). Why? Read this.
  • The above adventures are excellent opportunities for kids with a keen sense of trying new things, hiking, biking, and flying. It can often lead to “I want to do this when I grow up!” and for me, nothing could be better. 

For more information, contact Alpha Aviation via email, or call 907. 290. 8878.

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