All We Need is Love and Travel


Audrey Hepburn said  “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

 AK Kid marched out the door today carrying 22 valentines emblazoned with tie-dye peace signs and a baggie full of neon bracelets to hand out at school. AK Dad brought me coffee. I had cards for everyone, signed by the AK Dogs. As usual, our morning was full of noise and chaos and the occasional snarky comment, but at the moment of departure for work or school, we all said “I love you.”  We always do, every morning.

That’s a big reason why I write about family travel – to stay together. Sure, we gripe and pick at one another on occasion, but I’d rather do that than not have anybody with me at all. The ability to see the world together is a gift. A clumsily-wrapped, brightly-colored gift, sometimes, but one we cherish.

Today I’m going to post a few of our favorite family travel moments. We love them because we can recall the minutae of their circumstances. And that’s worth a fuzzy shot, bad light, or silly expression, isn’t it?

Do enjoy your day, and hold onto each other.











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