Alaska’s Crazy Weather: How We Cope

Button up, buttercups. Alaska’s nutty summer (?) has reached its end. Today is the autumnal equinox; time to bring in garden produce and rake the leaves. Oh, wait. I don’t have any leaves, because a mighty wind blew them away. Come to think of it, I don’t have produce, either, because it never got warm enough for my beets to beef up, or my cabbages to do anything but mold upon soggy soil. Yes, Alaska’s weather has wreaked havoc with our family, and many other families, thanks to howling wind, driving rain, and damage. So, so much damage.

AK Kid and his pal inspect the rushing waters of Campbell Creek in Anchorage, near our home.

But hey, Alaska gained notarity today with a spot on the Weather Channel’s 5 Worst Summer Cities list. Add that to the heartbreaking but fascinating stories of flooding around southcentral Alaska, and we’re jumping ever-higher on other lists, I’m sure. It’s sort of funny that as a Pacific Northwest native who grew up wearing rubber boots and REI raingear, I am becoming rather put out by all this warm wetness in my current state of residence.

How are we doing?

AK Fam spent this morning winterizing the outside areas of AK Hacienda. After weeks of indoor encampment, all three of us were grateful for a Saturday with no rain beating against windows, and (mostly) little wind to impede our progress. AK Kid pulled up the last of the rotting rhubarb, I mulched what leaves remained into the still-green grass, and even found some mycological marvels growing near a front yard birch tree. My strawberries are a riot of interesting colors, and I even have carrots still growing in our home’s little southside garden plot.

Small AK Dog found great pleasure in standing guard over his personal chew toy, a rack of caribou antlers that provide hours of gnawing amusement and interesting explanations to Outside friends and family.

No problem, right? Just don't go up and kick it.

For my twitter followers who have stuck with my tweets about the wayward chimney, here’s a photo for you: note that a helpful but still-irritating north wind moved things into a more upright position. The Chimney Doctor visits in a week, so duly note, if you will, and say a prayer that the insurance deductable will be the least of our concerns.







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