Alaskan Spirit Magazine: Kodiak kids and more

Fort Abercrombie in Kodiak is home to the Kodiak Military History Museum. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

One of the best things about my job is the sheer volume of amazing people I am privileged to meet. In the most recent issue of Alaskan Spirit Magazine, the publication of Ravn Alaska airlines, I connect readers with two different generations. 

The first came about at Kodiak Military History Museum, located in an old bunker overlooking the wild seas around historic Fort Abercrombie. Here, veteran volunteers spend the museum’s open hours meeting and greeting visitors and walking them through the mechanics of World War II in Alaska. From a sample bunkroom to a teletype machine that kept careful tabs on all incoming and outgoing military correspondence, the men who talk with us are always a wealth of information. Some served in the Army. Some, the Navy or Marines or Air Force. All know well the sacrifices of service to country. 

Trying on a gas mask at the Kodiak Military History Museum at Fort Abercrombie.

The second individual is a generation behind, just beginning to walk the steps of an adult, but she too knows the sacrifices of Alaska’s military families. She’s Mattie Gross, a finalist for Military Child of the Year, 2019. Mattie and her family live in Kodiak as part of the United States Coast Guard force, and this young lady is going to do big things. You can read more about Mattie’s accomplishments, and her hopes for the future, in Alaskan Spirit’s Kids of Alaska story. 

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