Alaska Summer Showcase: Talking family travel in the 49th state

Life looks pretty cool in the rear-view mirror, sometimes.

I’ve been dilligently reviewing, changing, practicing, and repeating a presentation for the past week. Tough, this, trying to talk family travel and Alaska in a mere 30 minutes. I swing between “This might work” and “This stinks” so often I’ve now resorted to just plopping pretty pictures on each slide and winging it. Which is probably what everyone would prefer, anyway.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage will host the first-ever Alaska Summer Showcase.

The Alaska Summer Showcase is my destination on Saturday, where I and several of my closest Alaska tourism pals will gather at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, to be part of a unique event that celebrates, educates, and helps Alaskans plan for travel around their state.

The event begins at noon, and will remain open until 5 p.m., but prizes will be given away, and since every parent I know would jump at the chance to win free railroad tickets, or flightseeing tours, airline tickets, and lodging, the time to get there is as soon as possible.

Alaska Summer Showcase, a day o' Alaska travel fun.

Brainchild of my travel guru cohort, Scott McMurren, the Alaska Summer Showcase is operating under a broad theme of ‘opportunity,’ and presentations will focus on such, albeit with their own unique perspectives.

Rob Stapleton, photographer extrordinaire, will be leading us through the intricacies of our smartphones and taking pictures (it’s about time someone taught me to use my Samsung for more than selfies) at 12:30 p.m. Photos are all about moments of opportunity, after all.

Pam Mandell will discuss the art as a form of storytelling, and why it’s important to do so. She might even bring her ukelele. Pam is a brilliant student of opportunity, so you won’t want to miss her 2:30 p.m. presentation.

And finally, I’ll be speaking at 3:30. What’s the title? Loosely named the You get to be here” presentation, beause, dear AKontheGO’ers, do you know how lucky you are to visit, live, work, and/or play in the 49th state? Those pretty pictures, a few tips, and some life lessons, that’s what you get. AND, I’ll be giving away a copy of Alaska On the Go: Exploring the 49th state with children, too. 

Visit the Alaska Summer Showcase and find a ton of outdoor opportunities for the entire family!

Who should attend the Alaska Summer Showcase? Anyone who loves Alaska, travel, and the spirit of adventure. Bring the whole family, after all, it’s the ultimate in togetherness, packing up and floating, flying, or hoofing it around our country’s largest state.

I’ll see you there.


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