Alaska On the Go with You Tube!

Look for this cover on the AKontheGO YouTube channel!

Did you know AKontheGO has its own YouTube channel? Yes indeed, right HERE you can see AK Mom spinning sideways down the tubing hill at Arctic Valley Ski Area, watch a very patient mama brown bear feed her hungry cubs, or witness the bumps and jumps of a Major Marine boat during a glacier and wildlife day cruise last spring.

We understand that as parents, seeing is believing (most of the time), so establishing our own video feed for our friends is pretty important. As the 2013 summer season of travel unfolds, stay tuned to akonthego1 for the fun and interesting stuff of Alaska family travel. Subscribe today!

Outdoor Explorer offers some great tips for skiing with kids this week.

Oh, and tune in to my newest radio adventure, Outdoor Explorer, heard on 91.1 KSKA in Anchorage, and found online at Like to be outside? Love Alaska? This is the place to be. Longtime resident and author Charles Wohlforth is the host with the most up-to-date, interesting stuff about 49th state outdoor activities, and tomorrow, we’ll be talking about skiing and kids, and the who, why, and hows of this great family activity. Tune in at 2 p.m.!



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