Alaska on the Go: July 4 and beyond

Delaney Park Strip Veterans Memorial with Chugach range in the background. Nice day, huh?

How does Alaska celebrate July 4? With a parade, of course, so the Alaska on the Go family took a time-out from planning four (yes, four) trips to watch the good citizens of Anchorage gather together for a bang-up Independence Day.

Parents and kids on bikes...

Kids in trees...

Kids dressed as superheroes...

There were fire trucks, a reindeer, a community band; you name it, we had it. It felt honest, real, and the sunshine just topped it all like cherries on an ice cream sundae.

Anchorage firefighter honor guard makes an annual appearance in the parade.

The 'Honor Flag' is making the rounds of our nation, and was a special gift for our parade, today.

Star the Reindeer makes tracks down the street. One Star or another has been in parades for 50 years!

Everyone was in the spirit today at the Anchorage downtown parade.

Yep. Alaska Independence Day spirit. Right there.

AK Kid and I depart tomorrow for a book-signing at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge in the heart of “Glitter Gulch” (Nenana Canyon). It was nice to spend today as a family, relaxing and cheering on a state that has as much independent moxie as our nation’s founding fathers.

Pretty cool.

Follow along this week, I think it’s going to be nearly as exciting as the parade.


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