Alaska Marine Highway System Has Golden Tickets! Enter and Win in 2013

Move over, Charlie Bucket. The Alaska Marine Highway System turns 50 in 2013 and is offering 12 specical Golden Tickets to lucky winners, and you don’t even have to go digging in a gutter to find them! Family travel via one of our favorite modes of transportation just got a whole lot funner (oh, wait, that’s not a word, is it?). More fun!

To celebrate 50 years of sailing people, cars, kayaks, and just about anything else, AMHS is kicking off 2013 with the Golden Ticket contest, through which one lucky winner per month will win $500 worth of travel on any AMHS vessel (read the rules, HERE). Enter yourself, your spouse, your kids, and dream about destinations like Valdez, Haines, or Skagway. Heck, dream about Sitka, too, or Kake. There are so many places to go, and this is the perfect opportunity!

MV Chilkoot, courtesy John Gitkov

We should thank the MV Chilkoot, a former Navy landing vessel that started it all, perhaps. Even though she didn’t last long, and wasn’t even really part of the Alaska Marine Highway (Chilkoot was the first “ferry” to actually sail between Haines and Juneau, beginning in 1948), she and her crew were integral parts of marine travel and transportation in southeast Alaska.

So, hop on over to the AMHS website, enter today, and mark your calendars to enter in February, March, April…..all the way until December 16, 2013. Good luck!

Read about our family adventures via the Alaska Marine Highway, HERE.

Keep cool, and travel on, thanks to AMHS.

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