Alaska Itineraries: Planning Your Next 49th State Adventure

Have you visited our Pinterest page? Yes, I too have succumbed to pinning people, places, and products; and in between searching for cute puppy photos and yummy bacon recipes, I’m finding the family travel gig to be quite successful as alaskaonthego. But wait —- there’s a board with nothing in it. Awwwwww. Cue the loyal AKontheGO’ers!

This lonely Pinterest board needs YOU to fill it with the best in kid-friendly Alaska itineraries to better equip parents for a fabulous 49th state family adventure. One of my favorite aspects of AKontheGO is the community spirit through which we all share ideas and information, and this goes a long way toward a successful vacation, yes? Whether you’ve lived in Alaska your entire life, or spent last summer sailing up the Inside Passage, I want you. Yes, you.

Here’s the scoop; tell me about favorite trips, best ideas, and most excellent adventures with kids, and we’ll pin them to the AKontheGO Itineraries board so everyone can see!  To keep things organized, and my brain from becoming overwhelmed (and you all know how fast that happens), I’ve got just a few guidelines:

For the month of November, we’ll focus on short trips of 1-3 days duration.

Please include the following: 

1. Specific directions. Tell us how you got there! Refer to a map and identify highway names/numbers. If air travel is required, do a bit of research and know airlines or charter companies.

2. Provide links and/or contact information for attractions, activities, and events. Be specific: Day One, here. Day Two, here, etc, etc.

3. Tell us why you chose this itinerary. What makes it special for your family? What age group would enjoy this experience the most? We’re all on the edge of our seats, you know.

4. What are your tips for other families? If you’d do something different next time, let readers know. If a particular stretch of road is a time-killer during construction season, shout it out. Your hints will provide valuable insight!

Send us your itinerary, along with your contact information to our AKontheGO email address: Have photos? Send us those, too (.jpg works best).

I’ll publish one trip per week between now and December, then we’ll jump right in to trips of 3-5 days duration, just in time for holiday breaks!

Important note: Please be aware that social media is a universe unto its own, undeniably public. If you don’t want your name mentioned, please let me know in the message. I’m happy to make your contribution via a “Loyal AKontheGO’er”.

I can’t wait to see the family travel magic.



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