Alaska Grub Means Happy Campers


As every parent knows, the most important part of vacation is Food. When traveling through unfamiliar territory, especially in Alaska, where that territory may feature few options for Food, it helps to have some assistance.

Fortunately for you, readers, AKontheGO fam loves Food, especially AKontheGO Dad, who finds the experience akin to nirvana. The process of deciding where and when to eat in Alaska has been scientifically worked out such that we now have a list created of our favorite spots to dine in, out, and all about in this fine state.

Today we will focus on our top pics for kid-friendly dining in the greater Anchorage area, where most Alaskan adventures begin and/or end. Our criteria is simple; fast, fairly reasonable (remember, everything is expensive a-way up North), and willing to accommodate tired toddlers, surly teenagers, and exasperated parents with equal affinity.

So here you are, bon appitit, look-out-stomach-here-she-comes, or whatever you all say to welcome a culinary delight into your weary body.

1. Moose’s Tooth Pizza. Yes, I know, everybody goes there, and how unoriginal. HELLO-it’s simply the greatest pizza with the best kid-ambiance to be found. At 3300 Old Seward Highway, the restaurant/pub offers freshly baked pizza (try that whole wheat crust) with names like “Santa’s Little Helper” and “Backpacker” along with home-brewed beers and sodas. Remodeled to accommodate the huge lines of patrons waiting to get in, Moose’s Tooth serves families all year long and is worthy of a Number One slot. Our kids love the breadsticks and marinara along with their meal, Mom likes the mushroom-goulash soup, Dad the beer. See, everyone’s happy. 907-258-2537.

2. Snow City Cafe. This downtown gem, located at 1034 W. 4th Avenue, serves a wide range of folks at their urban-funky restaurant. Businessmen, tourists, families who bike over on the weekend, they all come for a sampling of fresh cuisine served with a dash of class. Kids adore the french toast and reindeer sausage while parents can ramp up their breakfast with the Ship Creek Benedict, complete with salmon cakes. Yum. Yum. They also have a first-rate coffee bar. Plan on waiting a long time on weekends (call ahead), but there is free coffee and pleasant picnic tables upon which to hang. 907-272-CITY.

3. Lucky Wishbone. Sometimes all we need is down home cookin’. AKontheGO fam first visited a short while ago and are hooked forever. An institution, the diner is located at the corner of Karluk and 5th Avenue, and hosts a lot of pilots, legislators, and other Alaskans who want a simple meal with simple service. The chicken is fresh and flown up to Anchorage on a regular basis, the parts are pan-fried in a light coating that is not greasy at all, and the milkshakes are enough to skip dinner all together. Hot fudge is a favorite. It is too far to walk from downtown, but is a definite must-visit to sample a little Alaskana with southern flair. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. 907-272-3454.

4. Chair 5. While this restaurant is not exactly in Anchorage, but Girdwood some 45 miles away, it still is technically in the Municipality of Anchorage and therefore counts in our book. With its lovely view of the Glacier Valley and friendly atmosphere, AKontheGO fam loves this place. Chair 5 is frequently the place to find locals sipping a beer and playing pool while kids and dogs frolic outside in the yard. We like to visit after a day of hiking or playing at the nearby playground; a cold soda and some great food round out our experience before heading home. My kids enjoy the grilled cheese and fries, I gobble up halibut tacos, and our friends swear by the pizza. The staff enjoy kids and always help them have a wonderful experience. 5 Linblad Avenue, Girdwood. 907-783-2500.

5. The Greek Corner. Not much to look at, the little white-and blue restaurant sits on Fireweed lane in an unobtrusive area of midtown Anchorage. But let me tell you, if you like Greek food and Greek hospitality, this is a real find. To visit for lunch means a reasonably-priced meal of gyro and soup for around $10, kids can even split plates. I love Greek food; it’s warm, it smells good, and we can fill up the family with leftovers to warm up the next day. And, as an added bonus, the staff love youngsters. 302 Fireweed Lane. 907-276-2820.

So there you have it, for better or worse, our top picks (as of today, anyway). Feel free to throw in your favs, and comment on our selctions. We’ll be adding to this list as the summer grinds on!

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