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Pardon the interruption of summer weather and warm, sunny days <—-I’m about to melt over here in East Anchorage, by the way. Anyone have a Popcicle?

Alaska Communications just called (see what I did there?) and wanted me to remind all youth between 6-18 that the Summer of Heroes nominating window will close on Friday, July 15 at 5 p.m. AKDT.

What is Summer of Heroes? I’ve been fortunate to meet many of these young people making a difference in Alaska as a celebrity (HA) judge, so let me tell you what makes a hero in my book:

  • Kids who care about their country, their state, and their community without thinking about “What’s in it for me?” are heroes.
  • Kids have taught reading classes, raised money for disease research, knitted hats and scarves, or served on youth judicial panels.
  • Kids have thought up the idea on their very own, without any prompting from grownups. They have also spent a good amount of time encouraging their friends and peers to give back, also.
  • Kid heroes are well-rounded, and participate in a lot of things, from school clubs to sports teams, and enjoy them for the joy they bring to their lives.

It’s easy to nominate a youth; go to the Alaska Communications Summer of Heroes website right now, and complete the form. Any kid can be nominated by someone they know; a parent, teacher, coach, friend, or mentor. Five community heroes will be selected, and one from Alaska Communications’ employees, and each will receive a College Savings Plan award.

Kids who win will be honored at a banquet at the Boys and Girls Club, partner organization for the Summer of Heroes program, and receive admission for they and their family to the Alaska State Fair for the official recognition ceremony. It’s pretty cool.

Enter a youth today. Kids are the future of Alaska, and I’m inspired to have met so many.


*Full award details can be found HERE.

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