AKontheGO’s Fun Friday Alert! Tubing, Snowshoeing, and More

It may be a frigid -15 in Anchorage this morning, but by golly, the outdoor family fun around Alaska continues, even up in Fairbanks, where my pals report temperatures as low as -45F. Yikes! Go to it, AKontheGO’ers, let’s show the world what we’re made of…Bring on Fun Friday, proudly sponsored by Alaska Center for Pediatrics, caring for Alaska’s kids since 1982.

We had some chilly-weather fun in the Alaska Travelgram studios this week, what with my co-host Scott McMurren down in Seattle bravely fighting off an ice storm of the century. Check out the photo (below) of ice positively dripping off airplane skins. Ick. Then click HERE to listen to this week’s show; it was fun with guest host Sarah of Alaska Baby Rentals! Both of us learned a lot from our call-in guest, Sandra-John Loomis, who with her husband is spending a few months working down south at McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. And we thought it was cold up here!

Ice, ice, baby

Alaska Airlines ALERT! No, not about delayed flights; I’m done talking about that. Alaska reports this morning that 60% of their flights are scheduled to depart ANC for SEA. Getting warmer, it is, so hopefully SeaTac will have all the de-icing equipment ready, and runways cleared. If you have questions, find the Customer Service link HERE. I’m talking about airfare deals to sunny South California coinciding, incidentially, with JetBlue’s summertime pilgrimage to Alaska. Alaska is offering deals like $286 RT/all in to LAX starting 5/25; and $308 RT/all in to Long Beach (where JetBlue flies, too), also starting 5/25. But you better hurry up if you want tickets, I bet my bottom dollar they’ll be gone by tomorrow.


AK Fam is headed up to Arctic Valley Ski Area tomorrow afternoon for the awesome opening of the NEW Tubing Park. Yes, no longer do we have to beg our military friends for access to Hillberg on base; now our fam and your fam and everyone else’s fam can make the drive up Arctic Valley Road above Anchorage to utilize the park and stand amazed at the views. Two sessions are available for whooping it up and down their groomed slopes; 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and 1 p.m.-3 p.m. at $12/session. Remember your helmet, warm duds, and goggles if you want, and get ready for some awesome fun with your kiddos. Oh, the Tubing Park is conveniently located just across the parking lot from the Arctic Valley chalet, where hot lunch, snacks, and adult beverages await your patronage. Support your local area, and look for our pics and video this weekend!

Have little skaters in the family? Strap on the ice skates and join Anchorage Parks and Rec staff for another afternoon at Westchester Lagoon as part of the Family Skate Series. 1-3 p.m. every Saturday through March 10. Call 907-343-4495, or visit www.muni.org/parks. FREE.

Parks and Rec staff are also organizing another Family Snowshoe Demo Day on Saturday, a wonderful opportunity to try out snowshoes from our pals at REI and Alaska Mountaineering. We attended last year, and had a blast. In fact, here’s a video from the 2011 event, featuring Margaret Timmerman, my most valuable Parks and Rec connection, talking about the program and why it is so fun for kids. 1:30-3:30 p.m., Kincaid Outdoor Center, 9401 Raspberry Road. FREE. 907-343-4217, www.muni.org/parks.

Junior Naturalists at Eagle River Nature Center will learn to build snow shelters with Michael “Gus” Gustafson, who really knows how to show kids the ins and outs of winter survival. Dress warm, but get ready to come in from the cold with your own snow shelter! Limited to 12 kids K-6, so call 907-694-2108 to reserve your spot! Saturday, 2 p.m. FREE, $5 parking for non-members.

Snow, skis, and kids. Perfect.

Hey, don’t forget to sign up for the 2012 Ski 4 Kids event, happening Saturday, February 11 at Kincaid Park. A morning of skiing, games, and interesting Nordic ski-related activities all benefit the Ski 4 Kids program, and the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage’s grant commitment to helping all kids learn about the benefits and joy from being outdoors, skiing, and physical health. Sign up HERE, and I’ll see you at the event. Stop by and say a big “howdy” at the announcer’s booth; I’d love to see you!

Next week AK Fam will be reporting live from the lovely island of Oahu in sunny Hawaii. Somebody has to do it. It’s been a long, cold winter, and we’re anxious to do a fair amount of relaxing before another busy summer catches us unawares. AK Dad (shame on him) has never been to Island Paradise, ditto for AK Kid, and I look forward to sharing my obvious attachment to pineapples, bare feet, and sandy beaches. It’s gonna be great.

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