AKontheGO Teams Up with KTUU

If you turn on the tele tonight (not that we’re advocating television, but this is different) you’ll see AK Kid and I marching along the Trail of Blue Ice down in Portage Valley, showing KTUU’s Meg Baldino a little about day trips with kiddos in Alaska. With so many opportunities around here, it seemed only right that we partner up with the station and its outdoor-themed web site, GoToAK.com.

Every other Friday, beginning this week, AK Fam will showcase a new area of family adventure and provide readers with a little more insight into getting out and about in the 49th state. What are we talking about this week? Why, Homer, of course. My favorite cosmic hamlet-by-the-sea is our destination and we’re starting right now, with a bunch of fun on the agenda.  The sun is out this morning and AK Fam is ready to hit the sandy trail. Tomorrow we board the new Seldovia Fast Ferry for a trip across the bay; we’ll report back to you what we think.

Tonight’s Trail of Blue Ice segment will be on the 6 p.m. News Hour. It’s time for me to go to the beach, now. The little natives are becoming restless.

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