AKontheGO Family Travel Gear Guide: New Stuff!

New stuff alert! We love new stuff, especially this time of year, when parents, grandparents, and other loving relatives are making gift lists for the holidays. Alaska family travel requires a lot of important “stuff”, we’ve discovered, so when a new product or vendor comes our way, we’re glad to say howdy.

See this guy ? ->

Helloooo, Justin Matley, owner of Rugged North Outfitters!

He’s Justin, co-owner of a new Alaska company called Rugged North Outfitter, and the newest of our AKontheGO sponsors (well, yeah, he’s also my web guy, and he’s building his own cabin, but we believe in diversity of talent around here). Justin and crew are distributors of the John Deere line of outdoor clothing that, in my opinion, is top-notch quality stuff. AK Kid is, in fact trying out the chic Insulated Barn Coatright now, and as soon as I can get it off his body to see how the thing holds up in the washing machine, I’ll be writing a review. So far, however, the child loves this coat, and I do, too. Warm, and quite stylish for school, play, and a bit of fancy Alaska evening wear. Rugged North Outfitter has a great Facebook  page, so even before you see my full review, you should head over there and give him a “like” so you can score the free shipping and discount coupon.

John Deere Insulated Barn Coat for kids. Yep, a winner in our house so far.


Our other cool gear item comes from a little California company called QwikWrapz, and it’s all about covering up. Designed by a swimmer and cyclist who just never could find the right place to change without being in full, er, view of people, company owner Matt came up with the QwikWrap.

See what I mean? QwikWrapz are cool and full of function. Thanks for the photo, QwikWrapz.

Part-kilt, part-towel, the idea is to change out of one clothing item and into the next without the hassle of finding a changing room, shrubbery, or large rock. While Alaska has a shortage of warm, sunny beaches, we do have an abundance of multi-sport athletes (and people who are just active parents like us), who might find this item handy, and our own AK Dad certainly did. Matt of QwikWrapz is even working on a kid-sized version of the Wrapz, which we’ll be thrilled to see. At any rate, look for a review on this product soon as well.

Sigh. I do love stuff. How about you?


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