AKontheGO Checks Out TSA

Kids Equal Gear: AK Dad sorts through stuff prior to a security checkpoint

Kids Equal Gear: AK Dad sorts through stuff prior to a security checkpoint

Last Sunday the New York Times published an article about airline security and TSA and the rigamarole surrounding the schlepping of gear and people through the endless maze of presumed safety.

We all know, however, when kids are added to the mix all is not sweetness and light when it comes to the disrobing and probing of our little ones, despite TSA’s insistence that they will treat our children appropriately. At any rate, TSA has produced a video series for parents traveling with kids that is intended to offer, if nothing else, a sense of faith in the agent waiting at the desk or in front of the metal detector. Like, how to respond when a little one throws a fit because shoes have to come off and the stuffed animal must be x-rayed for explosives and the baby needs a diaper change RIGHT NOW.

Four videos demonstrate how, when, and where to put the mountains of stuff at the checkpoint, what passengers are allowed to bring, and why not to offer a snippy comeback to the question “May I look in this bag, ma’am?” Another video called ‘Kids-to-Kids’ features school-aged children voicing over a demonstration of how to go through a checkpoint, presumably to reduce the numbers of time-outs on the other side or lost kids due to the resulting chaos.

At only 2 minutes or so per segment, I’m thinking TSA could have gone much, much further with these vids. Or maybe I heard one too many times during the show “If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask your TSO professional.” Uh huh. Anyhow, look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Better yet, tell us how you survive the TSA. Hey, maybe I’ve come up with a new sticker for kids, instead of the silly “Jr. TSA” one they now offer kids. “I made it through with my own shoes!” sounds better, don’t you think?

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