About AKontheGO


Erin Kirkland, owner and publisher of AKontheGO, and author of “Alaska On the Go: Exploring the 49th state with children”, pictured here with son Owen.

Who are we? 

AKontheGO is the only website dedicated to Alaska family travel. Published by Erin Kirkland, an Anchorage freelance writer, mother, and author, AKontheGO was launched in 2009 to meet the needs of families traveling in Alaska with children.

What makes us special? 

AKontheGO tells the story of Alaska destinations through cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities appropriate for children. Join the Kirkland family, “AK Mom, Dad, and Kid” as they hike, drive, cycle, float, and fly the 49th state in search of unique (and fun) Alaska experiences.

AKontheGO is locally-owned by a professional writer; that means relevant and timely content. Erin Kirkland is also author of the guidebook, Alaska on the Go: Exploring the 49th state with children, published by University of Alaska Press and available now in bookstores, online, and via the AKontheGO website.

Erin Kirkland has served as a contributing editor to Alaska Magazine, and as cohost of the Alaska Travelgram Radio Show. She also serves in a guest host capacity for Outdoor Explorer, heard on KSKA 91.1, and KTVA Channel 11’s Daybreak program.

Why trust AKontheGO? 

A member of the Alaska Travel Industry Association and Visit Anchorage, AKontheGO is proud of solid relationships with Alaska vendors to promote the best in family-friendly products and services.

AKontheGO and Erin Kirkland are involved in the Alaska community, working to encourage recreation for families of all ages, economic backgrounds, or abilities. Some affiliations include:

  • Alaska Museum of Science and Nature (current board member)
  • Friends of Campbell Creek Science Center (past board member)
  • Get Outdoors, Alaska (founding member business)
  • Big Wild Life Runs Kids’ 2K (committee member)
  • Ski 4 Kids (committee member, event announcer)
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation Alaska and Washington (wish-granter)

Erin Kirkland is an Alaska Chapter member of the Public Relations Society of America.

Read what others say about AKontheGO.com

“Erin and AKontheGO are our go-to resources for all things family travel. From helping our company develop family-friendly tours to thoughtful articles showcasing Alaska’s awesome activities, we recommend AKontheGO for anyone thinking about visiting Alaska with kids.” 

– Candice McDonald, owner, Salmon Berry Tours

“When you’re born and raised in Alaska…the trails, hikes, and weather aren’t too intimidating. What is intimidating is figuring out how to do it with a toddler in tow. AKontheGO has helped me figure out how to get my outdoor fix while keeping it child-friendly. It’s a great resource for parents with kids of all ages.” 

– Heather, Anchorage mother and lifelong Alaskan

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