AAA Alaska Offers Peace of Mind for Families

AAA Alaska

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Every August, after my son returns to school, my husband and I haul out everything from the cars and take stock of our road trip safety inventory. Flares, check. Extra food, water, and a sleeping bag? Roger. AAA Alaska card? Double check that.

With a short summer of driving Alaska’s highways and dirt roads behind us, and a longer, colder, and more remote driving season of winter ahead, it’s critical that the items above are all in prime working order, especially that AAA card.

My family has always held a AAA membership, even when it didn’t seem so important to have free towing, unlocking, or fuel services at our fingertips. But after we moved to Alaska in 2005, the value of an auto club has proven itself tenfold. Peace of mind for parents, especially those of us who spend a lot of time on the road alone with the kids. Peace of mind for passengers who hold the membership themselves but are traveling with others (did you know the AAA membership follows the individual member, not the vehicle?)

AAA Alaska is celebrating its new and current members with a special rate for each of their membership categories. Paid annually, the fees are even offered for college kids and younger, depending upon your selection. AK Kid has one, and that lets me know he’ll be able to call for help no matter who he’s traveling with.


Here are the options: 

BASIC: The classic AAA plan, Basic provides roadside assistance; free maps and tour guides (wow, were these helpful during our Iowa to Alaska journey last spring); discounts at hotels, car rental facilities, museums, and other attractions; and vacation planning assistance. The special rate: $72/year (down from $87).

PLUS: In Alaska, it is common to break down (the car, not you) far from home. With the Plus membership, you get 100 miles of free towing, which translates into that peace of mind concept I referred to earlier. You’ll get free emergency fuel, and $100 in lock-out assistance should someone-who-shall-remain-nameless forget to take the keys out of the ignition when the dog stepped on the key lock. Oops. Add in the benefits above, and this is a solid deal for Alaskans not driving RVs or towing trailers; you’ll get the next best deal, below. The rate: $112/year (down from $127).

PREMIER: Own an RV, trailer, or motorcycle? AAA Alaska’s Premier membership offers a 200-mile tow that includes the RV or bike, in addition to the benefits above. This is worthwhile for the long road trips around Alaska, and we’re ready to jump on this. The special rate: $147/year (down from $162).

STUDENT: Have kids heading to college? Keep your wits about you with the AAA student plan, which includes kids age 17-24. 24/7 roadside assistance, “Safe Tow” and “Safe Ride/Bike” programs mean kids will have security for transportation as they head off to take on the world. The rate: $60/year for the Student Plus (recommended).

The bottom line? You’re better off with AAA Alaska. Your kids, your spouse, and you. Right now, you can add a family member for FREE. No charge. Now doesn’t that make sense?


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