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Last weekend marked the unofficial start to Alaska summer fun. With brilliant weather and clear roadways mostly void of construction delays (crossing fingers, here), Alaskan families packed up RVs, automobiles and kids, and headed toward the campgrounds, lakes, beaches, and mountains for which our state is famous.

Memorial Day also means the first influx of seasonal visitors arrived in Alaska via airplanes, cruise ships, and those aforementioned recreational vehicles. According to AAA Travel, some 37.2 million people traveled 50 miles or more nationwide over the holiday weekend, the highest volume since 2005. Of those, 33 million drove to their destination, a jump over last year’s numbers when concerns over gas prices led some people to stay home.

Gas prices in Alaska are currently near $3.08/gal, .23 cents lower than this time last year, and the national average for gasoline is $2.65, a dollar lower than 2014.

What does this mean? 

People will be driving this summer, many of them like us, with our eyes on the open Alaska road and a AAA road map clumsily folded on the dashboard (we’re old school that way). AAA Alaska is part of AAA MountainWest, and serves more than 190,000 members in Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming with travel, insurance, and auto-related services that matter when the whole family is planning an epic adventure.

[image courtesy AAA]

[image courtesy AAA]

What services? 

Trip planning, both digital and hard copy.

Roadside assistance, including help via the AAA Mobile App, which sends a signal to the nearest AAA location in the event of a breakdown.

Automotive repair coupons by AAA-approved car-care outlets in the AAA MountainWest service area.

Auto-care videos that have helped us (read: me) learn everything from warning light recognition (what IS that check engine light saying?) to important steps to take if one is involved in a collision.

A fully-staffed Anchorage office full of helpful, friendly, and very smart people ready to find lodging, gas stations, restaurants, auto-care facilities, and even the closest coffee shop (I’m not kidding on this).

Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

Why is this important to my family? 

Traveling in an unfamiliar place can be stressful. Traveling in an unfamiliar place can be even more stressful if one is unprepared. Alaska metes out the best and worst of road conditions during our frenetic summer season, and it’s important to have the tools necessary to relax and meet the smooth ribbon of highway ahead with a confident smile on our faces.

AAA Alaska and AKontheGO will be working together on a number of projects in the next several months that benefit our 49th state traveling families, and those who are merely visiting the Last Frontier. AAA is North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization with 54 million members, advocating for safe travels, whenever and wherever they may go.


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