AAA: Add the kids for extra peace of mind


This is a sponsored post on behalf of AAA Alaska and Washington. 

As my son, now 12, begins a new journey into adolesence (may the good lord help me), he leans in to the idea of more independence. It’s a good thing, because he’s growing up and making strides to explore sections of Alaska that interest him rather than just me. Where once upon a time I could say “We are going here and you will like it,” today’s trip planning involves a respectful “Would you like to join us?” And sometimes, the answer is no.

This weekend, AK Kid is joining three buddies and a set of parents for a trip to one of our favorite Alaska communities. They will drive north in weather that looks to be snowy and cold, stay for two nights in a cabin, eat pizza, build forts, wrestle around, and generally act as 12-year-old boys should <—-we hope. Will anything happen on the way up or back? Likely not, but AAA is protecting him anyway. And the car in which he rides.

AAA is rolling out a special deal for both new and current members, and it benefits not just your kid, but all the kids and adults in a particular vehicle, just because your kid is there.

AK Kid is growing up and going on more adventures without mom and dad. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

AK Kid is growing up and going on more adventures without mom and dad. Erin Kirkland/AKontheGO

Didn’t know your child could be an associate member? Me either, until my customer service team at the Alaska office here in Anchorage told me. AK Kid gets a bona fide card (which he loves to carry in his wallet), and the people around him receive the same protection for blown tires, towing, gas, and locked-out services as my husband and I do. Right now, kids of current members can be emade associate members for FREE, each year until they turn 18. It also includes automatic renewal so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting when anniversary dates roll around<—-I never do that.

As I’ve said before, AAA is far more than the company who gives you a tow when you’re stranded on the side of a dark and desolate road. The company’s benefits are expansive and incredibly beneficial for those of us living, working, and playing in Alaska.

But wait, there’s more. October is Cyber Security Month, and right now, AAA is including ProtectMyID in all new memberships, and this includes ChildSecure, a process that not only checks your personal credit reports, but the ID of your entire family. Peace of mind? Absolutely.

Still need more reasons to join or continue membership? How about a free Associate Membership for teens who complete a certified driver’s education class? From the time they complete the class and two years hence, their AAA membership comes at no cost to you.

As my little boy works toward becoming an independent young man, I want to equip him with the tools to get there safely, and with confidence. AAA has been part of my life for years, and I am proud to pass that along to my explorer.

Have questions about AAA Alaska? Visit their website HERE, or stop by their office in midtown Anchorage, at the corner of 36th and Arctic. Find friendly help, maps, books, trip planning assistance, and lots of resources for life in the 49th state or beyond.


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