‘A Day of Service’, AKontheGO-Style

There is no school tomorrow. No work, either, for some. Tomorrow is a day set aside to remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his life of selfless service in the name of civil rights. An evolution of recognizing the day as one to perform acts of service in one’s own community has brought about our desire to list a few ways your family can contribute.

Nothing fancy, nothing organized; just a few suggestions about how to make a small amount of difference in a big world. Stewardship can lead to friendship, and as any kid will tell you, friendship makes the planet go round…step up for a few minutes tomorrow, won’t you? Let us know if your family chooses to serve the community tomorrow. What did you do? Where did you go? How many people helped? Would be cool to know.

Trail Patrol: If you plan to be out on the hiking, snowshoeing, or ski trails tomorrow, why not pack along a trash bag and pick up litter along Anchorage’s 200+ miles of trail? We make it a point every time we go out to pick up the gunk that seems to appear with astonishing regularity, especially near Goose Lake and the Chester Creek Trail system and nearer downtown. Try trailhead parking lots, as well, often the trash cans are overflowing so people just stack it up where it can thus blow away. I am sure the Muni folks would appreciate your assistance. Remind kids, however, to check with you if something suspicious is located, and wear your gloves…

Ski 4 Kids: Did you know that Ski 4 Kids is more than an event held each year at Kincaid Park? The donation-only funds raised by this wonderful event (held this year on Februrary 27) will help pay for equipment for the Ski 4 Kids program that reaches 15 elementary schools and other programs in Anchorage. Kids who participate would not be able to do so were it not for the funds generated by skiers like you. Reaching out to others so they, too, can learn about fithess and outdoor recreation is just as valuable, sometimes even more so. Sign up for the event online at the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage’s web site, and give back in a fun way. A fact sheet provided by the organization makes it easier to talk with your kids about the program and its benefits.

Meet the Neighbors: Anybody next door or down the street that needs their driveway shoveled? A great family activity, plus a wonderful way to introduce yourself to neighbors, a free shovel job is worth its weight in gold during the winter months. Ask around, I bet you can find a driveway (or sidewalk) or two that needs your help.

Refreshments: Bring some hot cocoa and/or tea to one of the skating ponds or trailheads for chilly walkers/skaters/skiers. Set up a card table with everything you need (thermoses, cups, napkins, etc) and offer passers-by some goodies. This is a great way to get to know your fellow recreators, and maybe have the kids make up a sign for the occasion. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Whatever your family choses, just be sure you are all acting together as a team. The family that serves together sticks together. Maybe invite a few families and make a day of it. Enjoy!

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