Iowa to Alaska With Great Alaskan Holidays – 2016

Perhaps the greatest gift given to my brother, sister, and I was the opportunity to see so much of the West from the backseats of our 1969 Volkswagen Bus. Snowy mountains, dry deserts, rushing rivers, and more than a fair number of cows, sheep, and other critters. We camped, we stayed in hotels, we explored […]

Must-Do Family Experiences – Southcentral Alaska

This is the second in an occasional series of posts showcasing the “gotta-do” activities in Alaska, divided up by region. The first area I explored was Southeast Alaska and the communities of Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, and such. Now, I move north. ~Erin K Alaska visitors almost always make a stop in the state’s most populated […]

Six Ways to Enjoy an Alaska Warm Winter

In an article released by the Alaska Dispatch News this morning, the prospect of an actual winter scenario in the nation’s far North sounds pretty grim. Alaska is setting weather records, and not in a good way. Normally, Anchorage residents are tossing hand warmers into kids’ backpacks so they can enjoy recess without freezing fingers. […]

*Alert* AKontheGO and jetBlue – Winning announcement change!

<Cue announcer voice> “Good afternoon, contestants of the AKontheGO/jetBlue Family Travel Limerick Sweepstakes. We have an important announcement concerning the contest!” Our esteemed judge is working hard to determine a winner of the overwhelmingly popular limerick sweepstakes, and let me tell you, he has a tough job of it. So many diverse families, destinations, and […]

Happy Mother’s Day From AKontheGO!

Here’s to all those engaged in the role of mothering. May this Sunday be memorable, full of delightful discoveries and utter joy. As a tribute to my own mom, here are two stories for Kids These Days! Radio, one posted last year, and the second posted just a few days ago. Read about our family […]

Fun Friday In Alaska: No Black Required

What could be better than eating a lot, sleeping in, then waking up to fluffy snow falling outside? Eating, sleeping, waking up to snow, AND having a full calendar of pre-holiday fun sitting in your inbox, that’s what. It is indeed post-Thanksgiving Fun Friday, typically one of our busiest posts of the year, and we’re […]