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The Port of Dutch Harbor. [image courtesy Unalaska/Dutch Harbor CVB]

Alaska Marine Highway Adventures Await: 2015’s far-flung ferry ride

Today is Thursday, better known as “Book Day.” It’s how I get through my week. There’s “Me Monday,” “Magazine Wednesday,” and “Freelance Friday.” I thrive on structure, and as a journalist who works from home with distractions at my elbow (or under my feet, ahem, AK Dogs), a schedule like mine is often the best […]

Winter hiking

Six Ways to Enjoy an Alaska Warm Winter

In an article released by the Alaska Dispatch News this morning, the prospect of an actual winter scenario in the nation’s far North sounds pretty grim. Alaska is setting weather records, and not in a good way. Normally, Anchorage residents are tossing hand warmers into kids’ backpacks so they can enjoy recess without freezing fingers. […]

Hellooooo, there. Sled dogs are athletes of the finest four-footed kind. [image Dan Bailey]

Alaska Sled Dog Adventures: Three top choices for visiting families

Sled dogs are a signature animal of Alaska, perhaps even an iconic representation of the spirit and independent nature of this far-off territory. Legions of children love them, thanks to stories and folklore; adults admire their tenacity and intelligence. No matter the reason, visitors to Alaska are anxious to know more about these four-footed canine […]

Happy Holiday Train faces!

Alaska Railroad Holiday Train Tips

It was a cheerful train that chugged away from the Anchorage Historic Depot last Saturday afternoon. Two locomotives, four cars, and nearly a hundred volunteers spread out among them, all decked out for Christmas. The Alaska Railroad Holiday Trains are a longtime favorite of Anchorage families, and the experience has grown more popular every year. […]

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"AKontheGO has helped me figure out how to get my outdoor fix while keeping it child-friendly. It’s a great resource for parents with kids of all ages.”
– Heather, Anchorage mother and lifelong Alaskan


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